“We have been talking about your works till now, being a writer is sure ecstatic but what are the other things you do at your leisure?”

“Oh yes, I love languages and I proudly say I am a polyglot.”

“Oh that’s wonderful sir, and your readers would surely like to know your favorite language, from the languages you have learned so far, which one has captivated you?”

“The one I learned first”

“Your mother tongue?”

“No, it comes second, the one that comes first for me is the language of love.”


Broken Vow

“For better or for worse”

I paused,

“I am letting you go”.




We all are one,one caste, one humanity.


“Hey, look at him, his face looks disgusting”

“She is a bookworm”

“They are so funny, we should get around with them a lot”.

“He is so our type we might get along with him well”.

“Let’s avoid them, they are of no good”.

“I don’t want to be with her, she is hideous”

People still act the same, they see things differently and the world still stays divided.

An Eternal Love Story

I was in his hands,they were soft.
I held his hands and took first steps.
I played with his hands.
They tickled me.
They beat me.
They caressed me.
With time, it changed.
They put mine into another.
At that moment they were calloused.
Now holding his within mine
They were wrinkled.
Cherishing the memories
I shared with him.
I held his, longing to hold it forever.